Magnus Jäderblad, Sweden

This was obviously a very successful four week tour to Northeast Brazil. The goal was to see as many restricted range taxa as possible and we succeded far beyond our expectations, largely due to our excellent guides Ricardo Parrini in Bahia and Ciro Albano in the rest of the Northeast. Birding was at times very […]

Roger & Liz Charlwood, England

We were recommended to Ciro as a guide to N.E. Brazil by Edson Endrigo. Our trip (15 days) was arranged efficiently by e-mail & arrangements made for Ciro to pick us up in Fortaleza. We arrived in early Nov. & telephoned him to say we had arrived. Bombshell I had mixed up the dates & […]

Graeme & Moira Wallace, Scotland

Just a short note to say thanks once again for organising and delivering a great tour to N.E Brazil. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and appreciated not just your skill in finding birds on the trails and your taxonomic knowledge but also all your hard work to make sure everything ran smoothly. We […]

Paul Blakeburn and Linda Bogiages, USA

iro Albano was our primary guide for a huge loop through Northeast Brazil in August 2007, our third trip to that country. Beginning at Recife, we went west along the coast to the mountains south of Forteleza, then south into the pure caatinga, and back east to end at Maceio. August is ‘way less than […]

Ruth and John [Jake] Ward, England

Whilst on an extensive North Eastern Birding Tour in August/September 2007 we had the privilege of meeting and birding with Ciro Albano. This young man is involved with several major conservation projects regarding endangered or critically endangered birds. He really cares for their welfare and habitat protection. His field craft is superb and with his […]

Philip W. Johnson, P.E., Ph.D. USA

In 20 years of birding around the world, and I have never encountered a better guide than Ciro Albano. He knows multiple locations for every key species, his ear is trained and sensitive, he carries clear recordings of multiple different vocalizations for every bird, and he has the passion and drive to work hard for […]

Andy & Gill Swash, England

Ciro is undoubtedly the person to be with if you are contemplating a birding trip to NE Brazil – put quite simply – he is far and away the best bird guide in the Region! We spent just over 3 weeks in Ciro’s company in November-December 2007, and left having seen all – yes all! […]

Paul Bristow

We spent 17 days with Ciro in November-December 2009, and visited almost all the good sites in NE Brazil. Ciro is a hard worker when it comes to getting the birds for his clients. He also has the best ears that I have ever encountered – he not only hears little squeaks in the forest […]

Josep del Hoyo Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain

The trip in North East Brazil with Ciro was great. We saw practically every single endemic and special bird, including more threatened species than in any other trip I’ve taken. And what was even better, I took good videos of most of them thanks to Ciro skills. We will never forget, I think, our observation […]