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NE Brazil Birding is a Brazilian based company specialized in Birdwatching. Our activity started in 2006, when Ciro led his first birding tour. Since then, he became a full time birding guide and has organized + 120 very successfully tours in the region. With the increasing of birdwatching in Brazil, the Company also grew to offer the best Tours for our clients.
The Brazilian Northeast is our main area of actuation, but if you are interested in birding in any other part of Brazil, we can organize it for you as we work in partnership with the best guides in the country.



NE Brazil Birding TEAM

  • Ciro Albano

In 20 years of birding around the world, and I have never encountered a better guide than Ciro Albano. He knows multiple locations for every key species, his ear is trained and sensitive, he carries clear recordings of multiple different vocalizations for every bird, and he has the passion and drive to work hard for shy species. I hope to bird with him again, and I recommend him without reservation.

Philip W. Johnson, P.E., Ph.D. Tuscaloosa, AL, [email protected]


Ciro_perfilCiro Albano was born and grew up in Fortaleza, capital of the state of Ceará in the heart of the Caatinga Biome. Throughout his childhood, he would often visit the countryside accompanying his father, a nature photographer, and this inevitably turned him into a nature enthusiast. This passion made Ciro choose to study biology at university, and to specialize in birds has been his natural choice ever since. In 2003, Ciro joined the NGO Aquasis to work with bird research and conservation.

For five years he was a team member and one of the founders on the Conservation Projects of two critically endangered species – the Araripe Manakin and the Grey-breasted Parakeet. Ciro’s skill at identifying bird calls and his wide knowledge of the birds of North-eastern Brazil drew the attention of other Brazilian ornithologists and birding guides, and in 2006 Edson Endrigo and Ricardo Parrini contacted him to suggest he should lead tours in the Northeast. By that time, he had already fallen in love with birding and since that he never stops leading Tours.

He is also a bird photographer and enthusiastic for bird recordings, with photos published in several important publications as the HBW,  he’s author or co-author of several scientific paper on birds. One of Ciro’s greatest discoveries is a yet unnamed new bird species to science, of the genus Myiornis ( Pygmy-Tyrant ), that is under the process of description.

Since Ciro spends most of his time in the field, his knowledge of local birds here is incomparable, so that trips he organizes to all and any sites in the Northeast and nearby areas are truly unforgettable.


  • Caio Brito

caioBorn in Fortaleza, Ceará in 1989, Caio Brito graduated in Biological Sciences in 2012 from the State University of Ceará. That same year, he decided to go on a motorcycle journey through Brazil. The purpose of his trip was to record the largest possible number of bird species and see in practice the biogeographical aspects of Brazil. This trip resulted in a book published in 2014 entitled ” Um Caderno e Uma Moto: narrativas de uma viagem ” (direct translation: A Notebook and A Motorcycle: narrative of a journey).
His passion for birds, many might say, had a late start and it was only in the end of 2011 that he began birdwatching, however, hasn’t stopped traveling throughout Brazil studying the birds in nature (focusing especially in bird songs and calls) ever since. Under the very good influence of Ciro Albano, to study the bird songs and calls has been a “must” since the beginning of his birding days. Because of this essential tip, Caio has already guided a few big Tours through the Northeast and Tocantins that have turned out to be very successful journeys.

The vigor of his youth shows his thirst for birds and for being in the field. Certainly, a great promise for many, many tours to come

Testimonials: http://www.caiobrito.com/testimonials.html


  •  Cristine Prates

Cris is graduated in biological sciences,  operates in the field ornithology  (especially with bird banding) since 2012 and therefore that is her greatest passion. Works for NE Brazil Birding with planning and logistics of each trip, providing support in all stages of the tours.