Roger & Liz Charlwood, England

We were recommended to Ciro as a guide to N.E. Brazil by Edson Endrigo.

Our trip (15 days) was arranged efficiently by e-mail & arrangements made for Ciro to pick us up in Fortaleza. We arrived in early Nov. & telephoned him to say we had arrived. Bombshell I had mixed up the dates & he was expecting us in December! At such short notice he re-arranged everything he was fantastic.

He is a very enthusiastic & well informed guy & goes to a lot of trouble to find the birds you want to see. He knows every bird by call & has excellent taping skills. He works tirelessly with the local people to try to protect such species as the Araripe Manakin and Grey-breasted Parakeet & has an excellent relationship with them. He is also a good safe driver.

His English is very good, he has a great sense of humour & will tailor make the trip to your own personal requirements. He is to be thoroughly recommended.

Roger & Liz Charlwood