Magnus Jäderblad, Sweden

This was obviously a very successful four week tour to Northeast Brazil. The goal was to see as many restricted range taxa as possible and we succeded far beyond our expectations, largely due to our excellent guides Ricardo Parrini in Bahia and Ciro Albano in the rest of the Northeast.

Birding was at times very frustrating since many of the target species were incredibly difficult and time consuming to find and we worked very hard on several species. Many are very thin on ground and you need quite a lot of patience and persistence to find them. With guys like Ciro and Ricardo this is not a problem however since they are really hard working and professional.

Travelling with Ricardo Parrini in Southest Brazil a couple of years ago, he was the obvious choice as the guide for Northeast, recognized as being one of the best guides in Brazil and also a very nice person. However, agreeing to take on Bahia, he recommended the Fortaleza-based biologist Ciro Albano for the rest of the Northeast. Ciro has been working in all of Ceará for most of his life and is probably the best birder in Northeast Brazil, with excellent knowledge of every taxa and especially every single call or sound. It was a real pleasure to have these fantastic guides for these weeks and we saw almost every endemic taxa possible including a couple of as yet undescribed species.

I will not describe all the localities we visited here, but rather recommend that you contact Ciro or Ricardo for their services or for further information. Much information can obviously also be found at different sites on the Internet and in various trip reports.

The itinerary was worked out by Ciro and Ricardo, and was changed a couple of times due to success (or failure) with target species. In the end we managed to squeeze in Una, Itubera, Serra da Ibiapaba and a couple of other spots which had not been included in the initial itineraries.

Magnus Jäderblad
[email protected]