Graeme & Moira Wallace, Scotland

Just a short note to say thanks once again for organising and delivering a great tour to N.E Brazil. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and appreciated not just your skill in finding birds on the trails and your taxonomic knowledge but also all your hard work to make sure everything ran smoothly. We see from our notes that in the first hour on the short trail in the hotel grounds at Baturite we saw 35 different species including great views of Goulds Toucanet, White-throated Spadebill, Blond-crested Woodpecker and Gray-headed Spinetail which got the trip off to a great start. The Great Xenops and Araripe Manakin were of course great highlights, together with Lear`s Macaw and Velvet-black Tyrant at Jeremoabo and 3 of the 4 critically endangered species plus Seven-coloured Tanager at Murici were a great finish. Best wishes for the future.

Graeme & Moira Wallace